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Why Customers Won’t Leave Reviews For Your Business

When it comes to online reviews, it seems like unhappy customers are quick to leave negative ones. So why don’t more customers leave reviews when satisfied with your business? There could be several reasons why this is the case. In this blog post, we’ll explore some of the most common reasons why customers don’t leave reviews for businesses.

It’s Not a Priority

Of course, one reason that customers do not leave reviews is that it’s not a priority for them. They simply don’t want to take the time to leave a review for your business. Maybe you’ve seen a customer mention your business on social media or in passing and thought, “hey, we should ask that person to leave us a review!” But when it comes down to the nitty-gritty, will they find their way over to Google and spend 10 minutes writing up an entire review? Probably not. They might be too busy or too lazy.

It’s Too Complicated

You’re going to have a hard time getting reviews if customers have to jump through hoops to do so. If you’re asking customers to leave reviews, provide clear and simple instructions on what to do. Include a link in your emails, social media posts, and other communications that takes the customer directly to your review page on Yelp or another site. You may also consider including links in your email signature or business card by adding something like “Click here if you’d like more information about our services.”

You’re Not Offering an Incentive

Offering incentives can effectively encourage customers who’ve had positive experiences with you (or even those who haven’t) to write reviews online. But only if they fit within Yelp’s guidelines. While some businesses offer discounts or free services, others give away products such as mugs or t-shirts; whatever reward you choose should be related to what it was purchased for originally (e.g., if someone bought furniture from you).

It’s a Bad Time

The first thing you should do is schedule review requests with the right customers. The wrong time to ask for a review is when your customer is busy, in a bad mood, or feeling rushed. Instead of asking at these moments, try scheduling the request when they are more relaxed and open to giving feedback on their experience with your business.


If you want more reviews for your business, you need to start asking. Asking is the only way to get them. You can’t expect customers to leave a review for everything they do on the internet. As a business owner or manager, it’s up to you to ensure that customers know how important it is for them and their experience at your establishment and that other people hear about it from someone else who has been there too!

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