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How to Add Apple Maps to Your Business

If you own a business, you probably know how important it is that customers can easily find you. Since so many people rely on technology to know their way around, putting your business on Apple Maps is a great way to get potential customers to discover your business or company.

If you’re a business owner, Apple has made it much easier to list your business on their maps application. You can simply visit the Apple Business Register page and complete all the required information.

Apple employees can take up to five days to approve your submission. Once you verify your information and get approved, you’ll be able to have a new potential customer find your business via Apple Maps – a tool used by hundreds of millions of people worldwide.

What the Process Looks Like

apple flag in us maps

In addition to your business category and name, here is all of the business information you need to get listed on Apple Maps:

1. Your Official Phone Number

Apple uses your phone number to verify your identity and ensure that everything is up to snuff when you add your business. You’ll receive an automated call from Apple and be asked to enter a four-digit code to confirm your identity.

If your business has a website, you want to input the URL into the Apple Maps application process. This will enable Apple Maps users to check out your site directly from the app to see if it suits their needs. Your URL might also be used for verification purposes.

2. Your Physical Address

Apple Maps needs your business address. Before starting, you should check if Apple Maps has your business listed. If they do, you can easily verify your ownership via the Apple Business Register page.

3. Proof of Ownership

To claim a business as your own, Apple might require you to submit documentation that proves you own the location. This documentation might look like a physical piece of mail with your name and the business’s physical address you provided.

It might also look like an insurance document that lists your address and name. More examples might include the deed to the property, trade name certifications, and firm registrations.

4. Your Contact Info

The last thing you’ll need to provide Apple is your personal contact information as the business owner. This will let Apple representatives contact you directly and might include an email address and business phone number.

Listing Your Business on Apple Maps Brings Eyes

Google Maps is undoubtedly one of the most used map applications in the world. However, don’t underestimate the number of iPhone owners who find it easier to use their default app rather than download Google Maps. In 2015, Apple reported that three times the number of iPhone users preferred interacting with Apple Maps over Google Maps.

If you’ve searched online for a specific business near you, how often did you check them out? Having your business listed on a map application means you’ll appear in more online search results. That means more eyes on your business – i.e., more customers heading your way.

Apple Maps also lets people see your business ratings via the Apple Maps app. Online reviews can give businesses a tremendous amount of reputability. They let people know that your business is a legitimate enterprise and that people have taken the time to write about it.

Any app that allows more people to see what other users have said about your business is worth getting involved with.

The possible benefits of having an influx of new clientele from your Apple Maps business listing are well worth the brief application you’ll need to fill out and the few days you’ll have to wait.

What Are the Chances Apple Will Deny My Listing?

Apple Maps reserves the right to deny your application when you try to list your business. They can do so for several reasons. Officially, Apple Maps requires your business to have a physical location, such as a brick-and-mortar store.

Additionally, this business can’t be run out of a residential home, so even if you run a legally-recognized small business out of your garage, you can’t be listed on Apple Maps.

More businesses that will likely have their Apple maps listing denied include temporary companies. This includes real estate properties, food trucks, and other businesses that move around constantly. Mobile companies also can’t be listed.

Finally, if your business has yet to officially open, you can’t list it on Apple Maps. Even if you have a fully-furnished store and are all decked out for your grand opening, you can’t list your business on Apple Maps until you open your front doors to the public for the first time.

How Can People Interact With My Business on Apple Maps?

opening apple maps

Apple Maps is similar to Google Maps in that the application does more than just give directions and a pinpoint on a 2D surface. When you add a business to Apple Maps, you allow people to rate your location and share photos of products, food, the locale, the interior, and more.

As long as users have an Apple ID, they can give their impressions and let other users know what to expect from your business.

Apple Maps also provides users with a link they can use to see your business’s Yelp page. This will give them access to reviews that people have written of your establishment – both good and bad. Your Yelp business profile will help inform users about your services, how other users have found your service and more.

Apple Maps also allows users to utilize augmented reality with their Apple device. By holding up their iPhones, they’re provided with real-time instructions that show them the exact path they should take to your business. Apple is continuing to update Maps worldwide, hopefully drawing in more users that can find your business listing.

How to Optimize Your Business Profile on Yelp

It’s no secret that Yelp reviews can make a big difference in whether or not people decide to check out a business. You should consider optimizing your profile if you want people to leave more positive reviews on your Yelp business profile or just leave more reviews in general.

If your business hours are shown, make sure that they’re correct. You don’t want people showing up only to be disappointed because you didn’t update your profile.

The same goes for photos – ensure any images you use are high quality and accurately portray your business. That means no pics of your location with the old paint job, flooring, or layout.

Final Thoughts: Adding Apple Maps to Your Business

If you have a physical location, adding Apple Maps to your business is one of the most valuable things you can do to attract new customers and solidify your business’s reputation – and did we mention it’s free?

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